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2011 Membership List

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Baumeister, Oran, Reanna Shaw, Jennifer, Noah,
Barman, Lynn and Anita
Bayes, Dan and Sue
Bezick, Elsa
Bidwell, Scott and Tina
Bradford, Howard
Chapman, Ron and Libby
Combs, Bill On Facebook and Sharon On Facebook
(You are viewing their website now.)
Cox, Rex
Fannin, Gene and Sylvia
Farmer, Cliff
Fisher, Linda
Fritsch, Mark and Shirley
Granville, Griffith
Haynes, Marcellus, A. On Facebook
Kenderman, Tammy and Ken
Kelso, Bob On Facebook - Web Site: Kelso Family.com
Krebs, Sue and Ken
Milligan, John
Minor, Gary and Debbie
Patterson, Amanda and Rachael
Schultheiss, Keith and Cecilia
Stambough, Ron and Marie
Springer, Gail
Sunflower, Janice T. On Facebook - Web Site: Sunflower Tones On Facebook
Taggart, Donna - Web Site: Custome Leather Shoppe
Tate, Vicki
Tileston, Susan
Wannamacher, Paul and Dawn
Wilks, Ruanne, Sarah, Isayah
Woods, Norman

Membership fees for the year are;
Single Membership: $15.00
Family Membership: $20.00
Trader Membership: $25.00
Membership fees are due now.
We also accept donations of all sorts.

If you would like to have your own "Biography Page,"
please send your information and photos to our:


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